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As your City Commissioner, you can call on and count on me to serve the needs of all citizens.  Thirty-two (32) years of public and private sector work experience and working with you have resulted in improving the lives of citizens and bettering our neighborhoods.  Front line experience as a volunteer, contributor and leader of many community projects, has provided me the relationships needed to put thoughts into action.  This work needs to continue and with your support it will.

Greater transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior

Led the charge to take meetings into the communities

Voted to adopt the most stringent ethics policy in history

Revitalized neighborhoods to eliminate blight and to restore a sense of pride

Supported Community Redevelopment Agency projects in both CRA Districts

Currently serving as Liaison between the Commission and the Southside Action Plan Team

An opportunity to own businesses and to earn livable wages through employment

Voted for living wages for full time city employees 

Continuously working collaboratively with Chambers to promote businesses in the City and promote Small, Minority and Women-owned businesses

A reasonable and workable plan for environmental sustainability and use of renewable energy

Facilitated meetings with environmental groups and city staff to develop and adopt policies in the Renewable Energy Plan to reach a goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2050. 

Advocated to ensure that new buildings will be built and maintained with High Performance/Zero Energy Ready standards

Access to their City Commissioner who will listen to address their concerns and will be an advocate for them

Respond to emails, phone calls, text messages to host one-on-one meetings, conference calls and video conferences to address the needs of residents

Advocate and work to resolve issues of importance for residents.  

To  feel safe at home and at play in any neighborhood in Tallahassee

Working to foster positive relationships between residents and law enforcement.  The Citizens Police Review Board was formed under my leadership and with the support of my colleagues to make recommendations for law enforcement training and policy changes. 

Advocated for the development of voice activated software to video law enforcement encounters with residents 

Advocated for better and improved community policing policies 

Robust programs for children, youth, senior citizens and the under-served

Support parks and recreation activities for the young and young at heart at recreation and senior centers

Promote and participated in the Senior Games sponsored each year.

Incentives to retain local talent to help build and maintain a strong sense of community

Support summer youth programs and college internship programs to provide real experiences to help select professions

Encourage vocational training opportunities for those not interested in attending college

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